Visible Differences: SEED to LIFE 

August 6, 2015

A very successful show organized by F.L.A.G. Visible Differences: Seed to Life 4D Art Show.  

Super special thanks to Annie Mellan for her incredible collaboration. Many thanks to photos by Ola Carlvik, gowns created by Arielle Rose, head pieces and created by Leo Olson. Thank you to Sophia Quraishi, Sebastian, Nathalia Scherer, Olivia, Mylvia, Max Baby, music by Colton D Shrier, Elizabeth Sevillano, Jessy Kate Schingler,  Philip B. GannKathy Zarur, Alia Al Sabi, Georgia Antonopoulos, Salah-Jason Ross Brown, Chris Love and everyone that came participated or enjoyed the show. Thank you all for a fabulous night. 

Models representing the seeds coming to life inside a pop-up parklett on Haight Street. 

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