When the deep freeze of helplessness sets in, a light appears to warm the heart. With the deepest gratitude for the beauty in this world, I unfreeze my frozen soul and maybe yours if you value a little thaw… I am the light that shines through… soft simple & lenient

I AM HUMAN highlights the socialization of costs and privatization of the profits in San Francisco, Nationally & Globally. The way things are unacceptable. The way I wish they were compassionate & loving. The way we all actively need to be love.  Light is love.

This project explores miniature to life-size pyramids as shelters for the displaced. 

by Asya Abdrahman #iamhuman

nature reframed with remnants of sheltered intention

bypassing barriers through growth re-envisioned 

duplicated, multiplied organic and manufactured what has passed will never return

moving into an expansive self-determination, undeterred 

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