Asya Abdrahman is a concerned artist and entrepreneur who understands the relationship between culture, human rights and environmental protection. Her work promotes cultural and ecological survival by bringing new perspectives and resources; human, natural, found, and recycled.


Asya Abdrahman’s painted interpretation of Gnawa music revolves around the colors, textures and motion of the Gnawa lila ceremony. The most familiar part of Gnawa music is the Blues; that traveled to America through slavery. The other five colors of music were left behind in West Africa but preserved through Gnawa music.

SILSILA   96" x 72" MIXED MEDIA  2012

Welcome - welcome - welcome

to a wondrous world of majestic mystics, of luminous hues, of transcendent trances

and of enchanting - rythmic - melodic music

Welcome to a kinetic anthology, an aesthetic story, a fantastic fairytale of the nostalgic times of yore

WHITE     40" x 40"  MIXED MEDIA 2011

Welcome to the truth and belief of WHITE symbolizing peace, death, happiness, and the noble friend of knowledge **

BLACK      40" x 40" MIXED MEDIA  2011

Welcome to that mysterious shade BLACK. Feel! Sense! Observe its paradoxical power - its secrecy - its protection

LIGHT BLUE   40" x 40" MIXED MEDIA 2011

Welcome to the calming LIGHT BLUE of the elevated skies which leap towards empyrean

RED         40" x 40"  MIXED MEDIA   2011

Welcome to the fluttering delight of new love's hue, RED. At first so sweet - gently unfurling - spiraling into a raging force

DARK BLUE   40"x 40"  MIXED MEDIA  2011

Welcome to the depth of DARK BLUE submerged into a sea of fluidity **

GREEN    40" x 40"  MIXED MEDIA    2011

Welcome to the healing energy of GREEN. A relaxing balance of hope, renewal, and freedom

SAFFRON    40" x 40"  MIXED MEDIA   2011

Welcome to the wise feminine SAFFRON of joyful sunshine, sparkling laughter, and an emissary of intellect through the ages

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