“The artisan is the skill of manifesting dreams using existing practical tools.”

Welding gate repair by Cjay

Sun Village Community Activation

Community health and wellness

Sun Village Artisan Corner: Community Done Right

We are artisans.

 We are a social enterprise of ecological, futurist, artisans that offer classes, goods and service to the ‘hood. 

We develop and help local micro-business entrepreneurs, and other community members find new ways to change to clean energy or lower their dirty energy use while simultaneously transitioning to zero-waste practices. 

Clean energy often seems inaccessible to people and businesses in communities of need. We break down this perceived barrier to clean energy in the ‘hood and demonstrate how accessible clean energy is to everyone through transparent open source tech layers that facilitates artisanal trade.

 Additionally we invite teachers on other clean energy business topics to our space so they can broaden the expertise of the community and our team.

We offer community classes in clean energy topics such as Composting Toilet Building, zero-energy water harvesting and purification, zero-waste microgreens installations, small-scale solar power and wellness trainings.

 Alternative Energy Accessibility Classes: Introducing renewables and providing renewable resources to community. (Making solar, wind, kinetic, thermodynamic energy harnessing accessible to the hood)


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